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December 8, R.I.P: My favorite reading glasses, Cause of Death: Malicious Wounding with severe bites and missing parts, 8 Likes, 6 Comments….. Della, as a tiny little seven-week-old puppy, was a surprise for the author’s 50th birthday from her husband Steve so thus began her almost-daily Facebook postings along with occasional pictures, followed by selected creative comments and helpful suggestions from her friends. Imagine sharing a scary story about your puppy eating broken glass and then you receive a comment from someone reassuring that her dog had eaten a beer can and turned out unscathed? Or announcing that you have decided to use a prong collar on your puppy and all the comments rush in with pros and cons? Imagine owning a dog that unlocks the gate at the indoors daycare facility, releasing 30 dogs, and ends up in a viral video and even on the news…In fact, Facebook has brought love and admiration for Della despite all her mischief.

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